Website Rebuild

We’re currently in the process of rebuilding our website, but as a number of our visitors rely on our blog posts and other material, we’ve chosen to keep our existing content in place as we do so. This means that our website has been reduced back down to its bear bones and that the look […]

Online Training – Crash Course or Trash Course?

As more and more people aspire to change careers, develop their existing www.skillset or find alternatives to university and the £27k tuition fee deficit that it leaves in its wake, online training courses are becoming an attractive option for many. The benefits include flexible learning to fit around your life, work and family, no travel costs, online 1-on-1 support and substantial savings […]

How To Make A Strong Password

After seeing a recent advertisement campaign from the UK Home Office regarding online security and passwords, we thought that the focus may have been in slightly the wrong place and wanted to set the record straight on how to make a strong password. The Basics A password acts as a lock on your front door, stopping strangers […]

Why Two Monitors ARE Better Than One

Do you find it hard to complete your work on a single laptop screen or a single out of the box 19″ monitor? Contrary to what your boss may think, it may not actually be your fault; it could well be the tools that you are given. There have been a number of studies dating […]

Do I Need YouTube For My Business?

Aside from Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, you may not think about setting up any other social networks for your business. While it could be argued that you do in fact have most of your bases covered if you have a strong profile and presence on these three networks, YouTube is a “nice to have” which can […]

Do I Need LinkedIn For My Business?

The next installment in the Digital Tactics Social Media Guides, following our introduction to social media and Facebook and a business guide to Twitter, is an examination of LinkedIn, the so-called “professional” social network, to see what value this can have for your business and help you decide “do I need LinkedIn for my business?” Introducing LinkedIn For those of you […]