Enabling uWSGI + Python 3.6 on Amazon Linux or CentOS 6.0

If you’ve installed uWSGI on Amazon Linux (or a CentOS 6.0 derivative) and its python plugin from yum, then you’ve probabaly noticed when starting the uWSGI service that the python plugin is running against python 2.6.x If, like me, you could really do with uWSGI running against python 3.6 then you need to compile the […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! 2017 looks to be another bumper year for smarthome tech, the IoT, Virtual Reality and the cloud – can’t wait to get cracking!

We’re at #IoT16 Why Not Say Hello!

Admittedly a bit late in the day for this post, but we are at this year’s Internet of Things Forum annual conference #IoT16 – it’s our first time here and it’s been a great couple of days so far (we’ll definitely be back next year), so if you’re also here and would like to discuss anything software […]

Kinect Augmented Reality – Part 3

Following on from Kinect Augmented Reality – Part 2 we’re now looking at drawing contours using our point cloud data. Achieving this is rather difficult, and after lots of researching an algorithm kept popping up – the Marching Squares Algorithm. Marching Squares is a algorithm for generating contour lines using a 2d array. I wanted […]

Kinect Augmented Reality – Part 2

Following on from Kinect Augmented Reality – Part 1 we are now exploring getting the Kinects depth sensor data into our browser. Due to the sheer amount of data coming from the Kinect, using WebSockets is the only viable option for us. There are a fair few examples of this that can be found, however all of […]

Kinect Augmented Reality – Part 1

  At Digital Tactics we are keen to explore new technologies and enjoy tinkering with interesting ideas and pushing the boundaries. We have always been interested in the Kinect and I was assigned to take a look at using the Kinect to create our own version of the Augmented Reality Sandbox. The Kinect contains 3 […]