We are a team of expert software developers and system administrators, working tirelessly to bring the best new technologies to the web.

We typically engage in technically interesting or challenging projects, meaning our work is diverse and spans a number of different IT and business divisions.

Though wide ranging, our projects generally fall into one of the following areas:


Innovation Consultancy and Build

At Digital Tactics we enjoy building new things and solving technical problems in innovative and exciting ways!

We work with a wide variety of physical devices, open source tools, software development languages, and the very latest cloud technologies to create cutting edge systems and services for our clients.

So whether it’s a voice controlled smart-something via Amazon Alexa; a brand new Raspberry-Pi, Arduno or other IoT system; the latest online 3D or virtual reality experience; or the next big-data cloud analysis platform for your business, we can provide confidential technical advice, support and build services at any point from initial concepts through to commercial end  products.


Websites, Web applications, API’s and connected platforms

As well as cutting edge technical projects Digital Tactics also delivers a full range of development services for rapidly scalable websites, web applications and connected software platforms.

For general purpose content managed websites we are expert in delivering efficient and secure solutions on WordPress.

For websites or other online software which go beyond the capabilities of WordPress we develop bespoke enterprise level solutions on Zend Framework 2 and 3.

For API’s, online middle-ware and bespoke connected systems we use a combination of Apigility, Expressive, existing cloud services and in-house tools to make both mobile, online and traditional software applications talk to each other!


Software Performance Analysis and Debugging

Our clients demand fast well performing software and we have a bit of an obsession for efficiency; after all, an application that performs efficiently not only gives a faster result to its end users, but also typically costs less to run (requires less hardware for the same end result) and can support more users accessing it at any one time. So whether that’s a website, an API, a database or some other application we enjoy opening up bottlenecks and squeezing every last drop of performance out of the servers and systems we help our clients mange (whether built by us or a third party).

Over the years we have also become adept at investigating, diagnosing and remedying a vast array of different bugs with software and systems run by our clients which impede performance and functionality generally.

So if you have a problem with your website, web application, API or other system and need help getting to bottom of why something is not performing well, or at all in some cases, then we’d be happy to assist.


Online Security

An obvious current hot-topic, at Digital Tactics we have always maintained a keen interest in online security and build security into all of our systems and services from the get-go.

We provide consultancy on online security and data management best practice to businesses, server administrators and developers (including IoT device and platform developers) and typically work with organisations who wish to review and improve their current security position, both generally, and prior to a full-on independent security, or penetration test.

We also work with organisations who have been compromised or are in the process of being attacked to mitigate the effects of an attack, clean up and restore damaged systems, and work with management and legal teams to determine the extent and impact of a compromise, as well as onward messaging and reporting to users and regulatory bodies such as the ICO.


Systems Architecture, Administration and Support

Our final area of expertise is in administration and support of a variety of IT systems but with a large bias towards open source Linux based systems and services.

Over the last 16 years we have built and managed all manner of systems from single traditional web-servers and VPS’s, to hundreds of physically networked IoT devices, to rapidly vertically and horizontally scaling virtualised public and private cloud systems.

In short if you need something to work, need to move to the cloud, or would like a current system or service provision reviewed then this is something we’d be happy to help with!


Who do we work for?

Our work is diverse and so are our clients who range from startups and SMEs, to global blue-chip corporations including some of the world’s biggest and best-loved brands.

We are experts in tying technologies together to deliver services that are bigger than the sum of their parts and achieve some amazing outcomes and efficiency’s as a result.

Take a look at our portfolio for some further examples of what we do, or call us on 01273 64 64 60 to talk about your project and how we might be able to help you!