UK Storms!

It's been a bit windy down here in Brighton and Hove this weekend as the predicted storms hit the UK mainland. So much so in fact, that over 40 trees have fallen across all major train lines in and out of the city as well as the road to our offices!

Printer Friendly Web Page Printer! is an interesting service which allows you print only the relevent parts of web pages (should you need to) without all the ads and other junk you might otherwise have to wade through. Worth a look!

How to increase the size of an Amazon EC2 EBS Instance (with no downtime)

How to increase the hard drive size of an Amazon EC2 EBS instance (with no downtime).

Database Verification Table Optimization

Quite often we come across situations where someone has a slow running database and it needs optimizing to make a web application or site work faster. A common thing we see in a number of inefficient databases is a lack of thought on the datatypes used to define fields in database tables, particularly in tables that are just used […]

Useful Linux File Management Commands

Here’s a list of commands I use or automate every day to deal with various file management tasks, you might find some of these useful yourself: To remove all files over a certain age (useful for clearing out caches for example) use this: find [path] -mtime +[integer] -exec rm {} ; Replace [path] with the […]

Gnip – unifying the internet’s underbelly?

Via a news post from twitter I came across Gnip (, a fairly new service with the aim of “Making data portability suck less”. A vast number of commercial and social services on the web rely on passing data around via web services and though the best way to do it, the number of different […]