Introduction To Xajax

This article is interesting: The Xajax library provides a useful and simple method of generating asynchronous requests with next to not knowledge of JavaScript. All the JavaScript code is generated internally and leaves the developer to simply implement PHP functions. This tutorials is an absolute basic beginners guide to getting started with xajax. Full […]

Finally, A Move To Linux

For a long time now I have wanted to try actively working on Linux but due to issues with my networking equipment – namely my laptop’s inbuilt RTL8187b wireless card and my alternative USB Modem I haven’t felt able to, due to the amount of work that I actually do online. These devices are supported […]

Feeds for Google Alerts

This article is interesting: Google Alerts has a new option: you can now subscribe to feeds instead of receiving periodic email messages. Google Alerts notifies you if there are new pages in the list of top results for a certain query. You can subscribe to alerts for web search, Google News, blog search, Google […]

Google SearchWiki

This article is interesting: Google’s experiment that allows users to vote and annotate search results is back and this time it has a name: Google SearchWiki. Justin Hileman is one of the lucky people who has access to the experimental feature: “Things are a bit smoother this time. Moving results is a nice, polished […]

Google Trifecta recording now available

This article is interesting: What a great introduction to SEO using Google’s free tools 🙂 Last Tuesday, Google hosted an online presentation about three free tools to help analyze and improve your sites. Dubbed “The Google Trifecta,” this presentation explains the key features of Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, and Google Website Optimizer, and how […]

Why @ is NOT your friend

Ah, the error suppression operator (@) It seems like such a fantastic idea, just put it in front of your function and no more error, right?  Well, kind of… In order to understand the @ operator you need to understand a bit of how the php engine works, i.e. that @ doesn’t really “suppress” the error, […]