Amazon S3

How to Upload Static Website Files to Amazon S3

Here is a step by step guide to uploading a static (pure html) website to Amazon S3 for simple, scalable and inexpensive hosting. Log In 1.  As an IAM user set up by your system administrator you will have a username, password and a sign in URL for your account. When you go to your […]

Living Wage Map of Brighton and Hove Launched!

The Living Wage Map of Britain is a pilot project currently focussed on Brighton and Hove illustrating businesses who have committed to paying the living wage and supporting the living wage campaign across the city.
Digital tactics March Update - WordPress Logo

Why We Use WordPress For Websites

Digital Tactics recommends and supports WordPress CMS for content managed websites. This recommendation is based on evidence and real world experience, and in this blog post we outline some of the key facts and figures that illustrate why WordPress is our CMS of choice.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partners

We can help you save 50-70% and achieve additional scalability and resiliency in your web, mobile and IT infrastructure projects using the Amazon cloud...

Meet Us At The Business Show 2013

The Business Show is where businesses  find the next gear. It’s free to attend and offers a wealth of opportunity, advice and information crucial for ongoing business growth within a challenging economy. The event welcomes businesses from a cross-section of industries, and remains more committed than ever in providing you with everything needed to improve, […]

Proud To Be A First 100 Living Wage Supporter!

Launched in 2012, the Brighton & Hove Living Wage Campaign aims to encourage local businesses to voluntarily pay all employees a decent hourly rate. We're very proud to be among the first 100 companies to sign up to the Living Wage scheme in Brighton and Hove...