It’s been a bit windy down here in Brighton and Hove this weekend as the predicted storms hit the UK mainland.

So much so in fact, that over 40 trees have fallen across all major train lines in and out of the city as well as the road to our offices!

Thankfully, due to making use of a highly flexible and resilient IT infrastructure (thanks to DT Infrastructure) we’re able to enable those who can’t make it to the office during these excessive weather conditions to work safely remotely from the comfort of their own homes, as well as maintaining a full service for those who can make it to the office!

The operational failover in this case has been seamless and is testament to benefits of the best practice use of modern cloud technologies in today’s business environments.

We may be small, but we’ve experienced the benefit of our investment in these technologies this week, and with deadlines looming and more work just around the corner we’re glad we have!

Now, here are some more pictures of that tree…



by Tom
October 28, 2013