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Project Description

UCIMS, Crossrail’s Underground Construction Information Management System monitors over a hundred thousand real-time geotechnical instruments, Tunnel Boring Machines and structural sensors.

In addition to performance monitoring of a host of construction activities, UCIMS provides real-time data access for all stakeholders through an intuitive map-based user interface, showing progress and data locations relative to surface features and other spatial information.

Digital Tactics have been engaged via Crossrail’s instrumentation and monitoring partner ITM Soil through System Professional to perform software and infrastructure reviews of the UCIMS platform as data requirements continue to grow rapidly since its launch in 2011.

Now managing and cross-referencing over a billion data points with other information, the UCIMS platform enjoys around the clock management from Digital Tactics to ensure it continues to function as a viable data processing and reporting platform to 2017 and beyond.


  • Over one billion data points managed
  • Growing by approximately five million records a day

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ITM Monitoring

Digital Tactics works with ITM Monitoring to deliver big data visualization, reporting and management systems for its internationally renowned services.

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