Digital Tactics specializes in the development, redevelopment, assessment, maintenance and support of new and existing world class Enterprise level PHP web applications and websites. To facilitate this we work with the most modern and secure versions of PHP; make full use of object oriented design patterns, frameworks and components; and use our intimate knowledge of database and server technologies to build efficient high capacity, big data applications which can scale to meet the demand of hundreds of thousands of users in an instant.

As well as providing direct PHP development services, we also provide development consultants to organizations (including other agencies) needing to re-assess their current website or application deployments or needing to direct their own development teams down more efficient and secure development routes.

We also work with various SMEs and startups around the UK and internationally to deliver more basic, but equally scalable, secure and cost efficient content managed websites, mobile applications and online marketing campaigns to their audiences.

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Development Attitudes
PHP is one of the most popular web development languages on the planet, a key reason for this being that it is incredibly easy to learn and begin working with.

Unfortunately, an unhappy side-effect of this ease of entry is that it results in relatively unwww.skilled people purporting to be knowledgable, even senior developers, whereas the reality can be far from the truth.

Digital Tactics employs only the best PHP developers, and through a culture of regular updates and training we ensure that our developers are at the forefront of PHP technology working with and making active use of all security, speed and technical efficiencies the newest versions of the language have to offer.

The result of this programme is that our developers are uniquely positioned to build new projects for clients using the most modern, future proofed, development techniques, while being able to offer a full range of maintenance and upgrade services for older applications and sites, which may be starting to suffer from the strains of modern usage and security expectations being placed on ageing technology.