I have worked in a Senior capacity for award winning charities, fast paced internet start-ups, and large multi-national corporations and have been involved in the management of associated agencies contracted to work for those organisations.
As a result I have amassed a wealth of operational experience which can be invaluable to small/medium digital media (web) agencies and start-ups who are keen to avoid mistakes and/or optimise their output or development processes.
Therefore I offer an operations consultancy to companies who feel that help in this area might benefit them.
My service is tailored to suit each individual business, and can take the form of anything from a full audit of current operational or development processes and procedures, to dealing with the solution of a single fine grained issue that a company faces.
Resolving issues aside, validation of exiting methods and processes can be just as valuable and my service can also be employed from that angle.
If you are interested in how I might be able to help you in this area please get in touch, case studies are also coming soon and I offer a discount to companies willing to take part in case study work (where appropriate).