Digital Tactics works at the forefront of digital technology and invests substantial time and effort in research and development activities for client projects as well as its own. Our projects span a wide variety of disciplines and industries but we have particular research and development interests in the areas below.

We are signed up to the UK Government’s Digital Specialists and Outcomes Framework and are always interested in collaborating on innovative projects/innovation competitions. If you would like to know more about our research and development activities please get in touch.


Computer Vision and AI

From facial and object recognition to stereoscopic vision for self-driving vehicles, live structure from motion analysis, crowd clustering and behavioral monitoring we’re investigating various applications of computer vision and AI for solutions on premise and in the cloud.


We automate commercial and open source solutions to (cost-effectively) achieve accurate 3D reconstructions of places, objects and more from photographs captured by UAV’s and other means.

3D Technology


Data Acquisition and Analysis

Data Monitoring and Management

Digital Construction

We work with Autodesk Forge as well as a variety of Open BIM tools to deliver online solutions for surveyors, architects and similar businesses

Point Cloud Analysis
and Online Delivery

Voice Apps and Services

Voice services such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home are set to be the future of causal search, as well as offering unique opportunities for other services such as home automation, games and more. We have been developing skills for Amazon Alexa since its release and continue to investigate opportunities for business and organisational use of voice platforms as well as home.

Serverless Systems

Serverless systems allow fragments of code to be run in the cloud on a purely per request/execution basis, without requiring any form of dedicated server running. This makes such systems highly scalable and cost effective for workloads with low or unpredictable volumes. We have built a number of serverless microservices, APIs and other functionality using AWS Lambda and similar, and continue to advance efforts in this area for appropriate workloads.

Other Interests

We have previously undertaken research and development in the areas mentioned below, but they are not currently our main focus from an R&D standpoint. We have attained expertise in these areas as a result of prior R&D and often involve elements of these in our current work.

We are open to re-engaging on any of the topics below if you have a project or requirement that necessitates development in these areas.

Cloud Computing and
Auto Scaling Infrastructure

We have worked with the worlds largest TV production companies for over 10 years to deliver massively scalable systems for live and pre-recorded TV events, stadium events, games and similar, successfully handling eye watering traffic spikes without service disruption.

Data and Systems Security

We have designed and built best of breed secure cloud and on premise systems for a variety of clients with sensitive data (personal and otherwise) needs for over 10 years.

Big Data Analytics

We have designed and built systems that manage, alert and report on millions if not billions of datapoints daily. We have solutions for on premise use and use in the cloud.

Digital Transformation
and Cloud Migration

We have developed and carried out effective Digital Transformation programmes for a variety of organisations wishing to improve their use of digital technologies and enhance their business processes.

Complex Networks

We have developed systems that efficiently traverse complex networks of calculations and data to deliver computation in best possible time-frames. Every problem in this area is different but aspects of the technique are transferable between similar complex projects.

Computational Chemistry
and Materials Science

Prior to his technology career Chris (our MD) earned his first degree in Chemical Physics and still maintains a strong interest in computer science for scientific applications. He is always interested in hearing from people looking to explore projects in this area.