Domain Names

Digital Tactics operates a full domain name registration and management service, simplifying the process of domain name ownership regardless of whether you have advanced or minimal expertise in this area.

What’s more, as far as we’re aware, our domain registration service is the cheapest in the UK, beating both 123-reg and GoDaddy hands down with no hidden fees!

As this is a managed service we’d encourage you to get in touch for further information, our generally available public service will launch in 2016.


SSL Certificates

If you need to secure your website, application or service with an SSL certificate, Digital Tactics provides a variety of low cost SSL options from big names in the security industry. Starting from just £25/year for a single domain or £90/year for a wildcard our certificates are great value for money.

As with our domain registration services, the acquisition of SSL certificates is currently a managed service, so for our full range of certificate options and pricing we would encourage you to get in touch, our generally available public service will launch in 2016.



Unlike our Domain and SSL products (which we consider to be simple commodity items) Digital Tactics does not provide cheap shared web hosting services (sorry!).

Given the way the modern world works online, the fact that most website owners want to acquire and manage user data of some kind through their online presence, and probabaly don’t have the technical www.skills available to ensure these systems operate safely within the bounds of the law, we avoid providing cheap shared services which could unwittingly lead to problems for our clients.

Instead, we offer a range of specialist hosting and management services based usually on AWS and provide efficient, secure, and scalable environments for websites, applications and APIs to run within.

Because they are scalable they don’t necessarily cost the earth to operate either – they’re just not your £30/month VPS option!

For more information on our hosting services in the context of your project please contact us for a free initial consultation.