Since 2011 Digital Tactics has produced a variety of visualisations and data models that today are known as digital twins i.e. systems that use live or semi-live real world data to reflect a real world process or operation, with data contextualisation achieved through digital media (3D models, videos, images, maps, etc.).

We have created 3D digital twins of buildings annotated with sensor data to illustrate features like thermal output, occupancy and structural health.

We have created bespoke visualisations of large 3D scientific instruments for ground moisture content surveying.

We have created 2D digital twins of processes and systems contexualised using schematic images or photography.

We have created 2D digital twins of places across high quality imagry delivered through zoomable interfaces.

We have created time-synced digital twins with video feeds.

We have created construction process digital twins across maps using activaly updated kml.

All of which offer great utility for understanding and subsequent scenario modelling.

If you have a digital twin focussed project you would be interested exploring please get in touch to find out how we can help.