Digital Tactics has developed applied computer vision tools, services, prototypes and demonstrator projects since 2015.

Some of our prior projects include:

  • An AR sandbox where we used a modified Kinect to map the changing terrain of a sandbox and presented this to users as a live changing 3D model on the web
  • A system that compared remote camera images of construction sites for visual differences and potential dangers
  • A system that automatically detected objects in images acquired from various sources and used AI to annotate them with key identified features
  • A system called gauge reader which uses computer vision and AI to read digital and analogue gauges and relay these results back to a monitoring station effectively making non-smart hardware smart
  • The assessment and photogrammetry of high quality drone surveying imagery
  • A complex photogrammetry based full colour body scanning system  which reconstructs a person in fine detail from 130 carefully defined photographs of their body
  • The detailed photogrammetry of concrete cube samples as part an automated concrete quality testing lab proposition
  • The detection and processing of barcodes in bespoke kiosk applications
  • The detection and assessment of equipment control positions in dedicated scenes
  • The biometric sign-on to digital systems using facial recognition
  • The OCR of dirty, rare and poor quality documents
  • The assesment of satellite data and spectograms for monitoring organic matter
  • Image and data compositing
  • and more…

If you have a requirement for industrial, creative, medical, environmental, construction or other uses of computer vision or computer aided image analysis, get in touch to find out how we can assist you.