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About Chris Dean
Chris is the Managing Director of Digital Tactics Ltd. An AWS advanced consulting partner, expert php developer, database manager, server administrator and dev-ops consultant, he lives and breathes the web 24/7.

ITM Monitoring is launching a newly developed online monitoring system – Calyx OMS. This web-based software package built by Digital Tactics allows for the interpretation of large amounts of instrumentation data 24/7. It provides continual monitoring of site conditions, offering status updates and reassurance to clients wherever they choose to view the data.

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We absolutely love Gravity Forms here at Digital Tactics. It is by far the most useful and powerful form builder plugin out there for WordPress and in terms of the sheer time it saves in implementation, support and training costs (aside from all its powerful features and integrations) it is worth the license fee time

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We are pleased to announce the launch of Digital Tactics all new Ask an Expert service and Questions and Answers knowledge base. These services are provided free to both existing clients and the public with the aim of providing simple answers to difficult questions and being generally helpful to all. The ask an expert is available

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Here is a step by step guide to uploading a static (pure html) website to Amazon S3 for simple, scalable and inexpensive hosting. Log In 1.  As an IAM user set up by your system administrator you will have a username, password and a sign in URL for your account. When you go to your

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The Living Wage Map of Britain is a pilot project currently focussed on Brighton and Hove illustrating businesses who have committed to paying the living wage and supporting the living wage campaign across the city.

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